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Decentralization of private capital is not a liability but an asset of great value.\text{Decentralization of private capital is not a liability but an asset of great value.}

Finceptor is a DeFi liquidity protocol with a launchpad plug-in, enabling unlaunched and publicly traded tokens to build protocol-owned liquidity – solving DeFi 1.0’s mercenary liquidity problem. Liquidity Mining, providing token incentives to retail liquidity providers (LP), is highly expensive, unsustainable, mercenary, and rented. DeFi needs better liquidity management. We’re building a suite of first-in-the-market liquidity products enabling projects to bootstrap and grow their protocol-owned liquidity – liquidity vaults and bonds. Moreover, we also have our own launchpad plug-in strategically placed to attract top Web3 projects and help them grow their liquidity.

  • Liquidity Vault is an on-chain initial liquidity bootstrapping tool to build protocol-owned liquidity for unlaunched tokens.

  • Bond is a structured protocol-owned liquidity growth and token liquidation tool for publicly traded tokens.

  • Launchpad for a strategic token launch and sales arm.

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