Towards a community-run open capital investment for Web3\text{Towards a community-run open capital investment for Web3}

2022 Q3

  • Auto-compounded dynamic staking
  • Liquidity Vaults R&D
  • Follow-on Token Offerings (FTO) design

2022 Q4

  • MVP Completion
  • Docs v1 Public Release
  • Investment Committee (IC) Formation for Project Listing
  • Real-Time Portfolio Tracker

2023 Q1

  • Auto-compounded Staking Vault Private Testnet
  • Regulatory compliance integrations (AML, KYC, and KYB)
  • Private testnet v1.0 launch on Polygon
  • Ecosystem partnerships and B2B affiliate program launch

2023 Q2

  • Follow-on Token Offering (Bond) private testnet
  • Public Testnet v2.0 launch on Polygon
  • Pre-Seed token financing
  • Deal escrow and token management (Claiming and vesting) Development
  • Multi-chain expansion — Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, BNB, Polygon, and Ethereum.
  • Deal marketplace development

2023 Q3

  • Third-party smart contract audits and reports
  • On-chain Whitelisting
  • FCT token mainnet launch
  • Launchpad mainnet launch
  • KOL partner onboarding
  • Goal-gated private sale launch
  • Follow-on Token Offering (Bond) Private Testnet
  • Web and mobile UX/UI advancements
  • First pool creation on the platform
  • opBNB Public Incentivized Testnet

2023 Late Q3/Q4

  • KOL Board Formation
  • Public FINC Sales
  • FINC auto-compounded staking vault launch
  • FINC locked staking program launch
  • Exchange Listing
  • Token management portal launch
  • Liquidity Vaults Mainnet
  • EVM-compatible Chain Expansion
  • FCT Token Swaps

2024 Q1

  • Authorization advancements through MPC wallet integrations
  • Follow-on Token Offerings mainnet launch
  • International language supports
  • Ambassador program launch