This page is outdated and will be renewed in late September.

For investors

  • $1 entry for guaranteed allocation: Everyone with at least $1 worth of $FINC stake is 100% guaranteed to get an allocation in token sales.
  • Deeply-vetted: Finceptor is a deeply-vetted platform, enabling only first-class Web3 projects that pass a thorough due diligence process, followed by analysis from an expert investment committee.
  • Airdrops: If any, unsold tokens can be purchased by Finceptor and airdropped to the deal participants.
  • Vaults: Finceptor develops strategy-driven financial yield products for $FINC such as auto-compounded single-side staking and incentivizing deep liquidity across markets. Moreover, there is no pre-defined lockup period for vaults, enabling everyone to stake and unstake whenever they want.
  • KYC & AML: Know-your-customer and Anti-Money Laundering security protections are adapted to minimize investment risks from the black-borderless nature of decentralized systems.
  • Token management: Finceptor offers an all-in-one portfolio page to track the performance of investments, assets, staking, and other details.
  • Multi-chain: There's no chain of investment in Web3. Hence, Finceptor supports EVM-compatible blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and more.
  • Public good education: Finceptor provides a weekly newsletter about Web3, DeFi, and investment to educate the community of investors to also invest in themself.
  • Anti-whale protection: Finceptor creates a tamper-proof algorithmic solution for the accumulation of tokens in single hands in the economics layer. Hyper-centralized accumulation of tokens is extremely disincentived through the newly-developed Compounded Tokenized Incentive Allocation model.
  • Bot protection: As every investor needs to complete their KYC and has a personal investment cap in both staking and public round, any programming bot won't increase the allocation or yield.
  • Flash Loan allocation protection: Since allocations are calculated as time-weighted, the flash loan attacks can not benefit from any token sale.

For Protocols

  • Marketing: Marketing covers media press releases, influencer networks, and cross-marketing to marketing agencies
  • Secondary Sales: Projects can raise capital beyond their ICO through Follow-on-Token-Offerings (FTO), which is a secondary token and liquidity offerings based on crypto bonds to finance vetted Web3 startups. Built by Finceptor to fundraise Web3.
  • Token economics: Designing a sustainable long-run economics design for tokens
  • Legal: From company incorporation, legal opinion to partner finding
  • Liquidity: Market making, and DeFi-native products to maintain liquidity