Capital Protection

Refund Policies for IDOs

Investors can ask 100% refund following the TGE unconditionally and on an individual basis. Investors have the flexibility to request a full refund within a specified timeframe. However, at any time, if they claim the purchased tokens, there’ll be no refund option. Unclaimed tokens after the refund period will be regarded as claims.

  • 24-hour Unconditional Refund

  • 48-hour Unconditional Refund

Refund Policies for Liquidity Vaults

As LVs are locked and liquidity-only financing tools, any break in the LV deal terms, such as timely token launch and malicious behaviors on top of the previous clauses, will result in investor refunds to protect capital deployers from inefficient use of capital.

  • When the deadline for TGE has passed: Investors can ask for a refund up to 30 days after the deadline for the TGE date passes. After the first 30 days, all the funds generated in the LV will be used as liquidity.

  • Malicious Acts: Finceptor retains the right to initiate a refund process at any given moment before the TGE should there be a harmful or gravely problematic incident related to a project, particularly in instances of liquidity financing policy violations.

If a protocol fails to meet these stringent conditions, eligible users are welcome to submit a refund request. It should be noted that Finceptor reserves the right to modify this policy at any point to better protect our investors and to adapt to the ever-evolving market environment.

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