Hand-crafted dual-token economics.
This page is outdated and will be renewed in late September.
Finceptor employs a dual-token economic model: FINC and FCT. Each token has its own utility and functionality in the ecosystem. FINC is similar to other Launchpad tokens. However, FCT is like an in-protocol stablecoin (it's not a stablecoin), representing 1 $USDT only usable in platform investments.
  • FINC: FINC token is used for accessing IDOs and accumulating allocations. The allocation policy promotes long-term token growth, and the more and longer you stake FINC, the larger the allocation will be. $1 worth of staked FINCs will provide a 100% guaranteed allocation for retail investors.
  • FCT: Finceptor Credit Token (FCT) is a premium soulbond token that represents 1 USDT, only usable in investment deposits. For example, 5 FCT have direct and guaranteed access to invest $5 worth of tokens.